Money Mark

Money Mark

Money Mark has worked as a master musician, composer, producer, artist for over 30 years and is commonly referred to as the '4th Beastie Boy' for his work with the group since 1990. 

Mark has made 8 studio albums under his moniker with positive critical praise and with his first and second albums becoming instant classics. 1995 'Marks Keyboard Repair' and 1998 'Push The Button'. 

Genre hopping and musical experimentation has been a trademark throughout his expanded career, yet, classic song architecture is no stranger to his vast music making knowledge. Money Mark, aka Mark Ramos Nishita, is continuing to collaborate with many of his peers across the continents and with past iconic giants and ,still, with the newest future stars. Mark is a restless music lifer. Has written, recorded or performed with Die Antwoord to Damo Suzuki, Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Pharoah Sanders, Beck to Yoko Ono, Carol Kaye, Santana, Julieta Venegas, Tyler the Creator, Seu Jorge, De La Soul, Cornelius, David Bryne and beyond. 

Composing and producing soundtracks starting with 2001's 'Blow' to the recent 'Horrible Bosses' and contributing to gaming scores such as 'GTA 5' fills in his time between making albums. 

Currently on tour with the Atomic Bomb! The music of William Onyeabor. He is co-music director and performs using Williams' original 1975 keyboards and synth setup. 

In a performance situation, expect the unexpected.